1Sam 2          


This is an account of the powerful praise of Hannah to God for favour received and how she paid her vow to the Lord. The song of praise she rendered to God is part of our worship till date. It has outlived generations and it will still live more. What about you, have you any reason to praise God? Most often, this virtue is ignored and our prayers are busied with complaints. More so, we saw different attitudes towards God among a group of temple boys. The little boy Samuel was persistently living in fear of God while Hophni and Phineas were busy desecrating the temple by way of pride, greed and immorality. This is exactly the two kinds of behaviour obtainable among Christ’s faithful in our worship – the good and the bad. Which category are you? Let’s be mindful of our ways because that same God of Hannah is still alive and He is able exalt and bring low. Therefore, it is dreadful to fall victim of His wrath (Heb. 10:31)


1 Hail Mary, 21 times and Thank you Jesus, 21 times.

2 Bible Study: 1Sam 2

3 Lessons:

  1. To be thankful is a virtue.
  2. God disgraces the proud.
  3. God should never be taken for granted and His benefits should not be forgotten.

 4 Silence (5 to 10 minutes) (write down your own lessons; learn to hear from God and write down whatever God says to you)

5  Intercessory Prayers:

Prayer points

  1. Heavenly father, I humbly come before you recognizing every form of ingratitude and disregard towards you. I repent of my sins and ask for your pardon. Wash me by the blood of Jesus Christ and sanctify me by thy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen.
  2. Lord, I pray to receive a grateful and humble heart. May my heart be circumcised in Jesus name. Amen                              
  3. Lord I pray by the power of your might, that every agenda of my enemies concerning me be frustrated and that my sorrows shall be turned to joy.
  4. Lord I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that my feet shall be kept with thee. May I like Samuel never go the way of the wicked that may surround me.
  5. I intercede for all those looking for the fruit of the womb and are sincerely looking up to thee. May they be blessed with the same grace with which you visited Hannah. Thou God of Hannah you are the same yesterday, today and forever do for them what only you can do and let their tears turn to laughter in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.
  6. The Litany to the Precious Blood of Jesus (as given on the first day)

6.The Litany to the Precious Blood of Jesus (as given on the first day)

7.Memory verse: 1 Sam2:2 There is none holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.”

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Fr. Daniel Evbotokhai is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. He was ordained October 20th, 2018. He offers his daily homilies, talks and articles that bother on, faith, theology, morals and many other burning issues in religion and politics. Fr. Daniel writes poems, inspirational quotes and clips.

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