Jonah 1:17
“And the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the stomach of the fish three days and three nights.”


In seeking to flee from God, and avoid his divine call, to tell forth the good news of salvation, Jonah boarded a foreign ship that was bound for Tarshish, and paid money for his passage – in order to escape from the Lord! We run from God when we refuse to keep to our christian obligations. But when God has a call on a life, He will move heaven and earth to ensure that His purposes are fulfilled. Indeed, He sent a great storm, which caused Jonah to be flung into the sea, and face inevitable death – BUT, we discover: the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights. How grateful we should be, when God often uses the circumstances of life to cause us to fulfill His plans and purposes in our lives. How stupid we are, when we foolishly kick against the pricks, and become reluctant to do God’s will. How careful we should be, that our reluctance to carry out God’s purpose for our lives does not result in a missed opportunity – and a loss of blessing. May we have ears that are open to His call, and a heart that is ready to carry out His plans and purposes in our lives.. for who know what opportunities God has for each of us.. if we are willing to faithfully obey the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit, in our daily lives.


1 Hail Mary 21 times and Thank you Jesus 21 times.

2 Bible Study: Matthew 9

3 Lessons:
God does not compromise his instructions

God is ever faithful we are seldom unfait

4 Silence (5 to 10 minutes) (write down your own lessons; learn to hear from God and write down whatever God says to you)

5 The Litany to the Precious Blood of Jesus (as given on the first day)

6 Intercessory Prayers:

Heavenly Father, what an example Jonah is to all of us. Thank You that even when we are faithless You remain faithful. We pray against the spirit of distraction in our respective areas of life. We pray against the spirit of disobedeince. Help us to be docile to your promptings and eternal demands. Kindly help us to be true teachers, true pastors, true guardians, and true  witnesses. Help us to be sensitive to your warnings;  deliver from recklessness and reckless sleeping in the faith.

7. Memory verse: Proverbs 21:1

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. He directs it like a stream of water anywhere He pleases.

Fr. Daniel Evbotokhai


Fr. Daniel Evbotokhai is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. He was ordained October 20th, 2018. He offers his daily homilies, talks and articles that bother on, faith, theology, morals and many other burning issues in religion and politics. Fr. Daniel writes poems, inspirational quotes and clips.

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