Ezekiel 9:1-7, 10:18-22; Psalm 112; Matthew 18:15-20

The fourth discourse of Matthew’s Gospel is addressed to the leading disciples. It emphasizes the role of dialogue, fraternal correction and charity of conduct in Christian community. Therefore, as Christians we should be responsible for one another. Our actions can build up or destroy the faith of those around. The Gospel accepts that there is the possibility of those who will not change irrespective of the reconciliatory efforts made; such persons it says should be regarded as pagan. Precisely because of this, the Lord sent out his messengers to weed out his faithful people from those who have departed from his Law. Beloved, let us be open to corrections and make a better Christian community today.

Let us pray

Almighty Father we are so incredibly in need of your power and your strength. We ask that you would fill us with your Spirit of love and unity among believers all around our world. We ask for your help to set aside our differences and look to the greater cause, the cause of Christ. Please help us to truly live out a life of love. We know that this is only possible through the power of your Spirit, so we ask that you would move across our land in miraculous ways, with fresh filling and awareness, turning your people back to you, drawing others to come to know you. We need your unity and your love to stir our hearts and give direction to our days. We need your wisdom to guide us, we need your Spirit to lead us, to live out godly lives that would bring honor first to you. We thank you that you are always with us; and give us great purpose and hope. Amen


Fr. Daniel Evbotokhai is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. He was ordained October 20th, 2018. He offers his daily homilies, talks and articles that bother on, faith, theology, morals and many other burning issues in religion and politics. Fr. Daniel writes poems, inspirational quotes and clips.

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